ARJ  ASIA  has developed and conducted Contract Manufacturing for several clients in INDIA , USA and the UK  Industry. This activity broadly covers the following segments

A)  Electronic Assembly and Manufacturing

B) Fabrication of Industrial Systems  and Equipments 

A) Electronic Assembly and Manufacturing

ARJ  ASIA  has designed, developed and supplied  Simple Hard Wired Modules and Microprocessor based Controllers  for the  Industrial Manufacturing Industry. ARJ ASIA has been the chosen vendor for US Industrial Clients who are leading suppliers of  Industrial Controllers, Control Systems for  Seating Systems  and Controllers for Packaging Machine Controllers using load cells.

Microprocessor based Controllers


ARJ  ASIA has  developed and manufactured  special application Hall Effect Speed  Sensor. The sensor is coupled with a  Microcircuit based  Amplifier  for high speed detection and monitoring- like very high speed spindles   which require speeds to be detected and controlled at 40,000RPM to a speed of 250,000 RPM. ARJ  ASIA has  regular exports of this Microcircuit  based  Speed Sensor product  to the US, UK and China .


Hall Effect Speed

ARJ  ASIA have supplied High Frequency  based Modules for GPS and Signal Conversion Applications  for  Indian and  US clients .

High Frequency  based Modules for GPS

The company  has  supplied Customized DC Power Supplies for Filed Instruments, Mobile Systems and Auxilliary Power Supplies to US, Malaysia and European Customers. This process has been outsourced from China, Taiwan  and Indian Manufacturers.

Customized DC Power Supplies

B) Fabrication of Industrial Systems  and Equipments 

ARJ ASIA has Designed , Developed, Fabricated and Supplied  High Pressure Vessels & Chillers, Pasteurizers, Agitators, Ovens for Dairy and Industrial  use, Water Jacketed Ovens, Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Dust Chambers, Tyre Fatigue Test Systems and Ozone Test Chambers for Automotive and Rubber Industries. We have also designed  and developed cost effective Nitrogen Gas Generator, Oxygen Gas Generators, Ammonia Cracking Units for the Process Industry High Pressure Vessels, Chillers, Heat Exchangers and Fermentors, Ovens and  Pasteurizers .We can also supply a Full Milk Treatment Plant and a Ice Cream making plant of various capacities..

The above picture indicate  our Supplies of Water Jacketed Ovens, High Pressure Vessels, Chillers and Milk Treatment Plants  

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