ARJ Asia is a Multinational Company with HQ in India and direct active presence in  USA, UK, MALAYSIA and AUSTRALIA. The company was founded in the year 1998 and is primarily active in the following three fields :

          ARJ ASIA represents Foreign Principals  for their  Test and Measuring Instruments, Control &
        Instrumentation products and Components &  Subassemblies.  

        Electronic PCB Assembly & Manufacturing  and Fabrication of Industrial  Systems & Equipments.

        Automotive Products and Products for Industrial Manufacturing and Utilities

ARJ ASIA contract manufactures and supplies high tech Systems and Instruments to several  industries active in  Automotive, Oil/Gas & Refineries, Industrial Manufacturing, Power Generation, Telecom, Mil Aero- Defense, HVAC, Space Research & High Reliability, Chemicals & Pharma Manufacturing, Rubber/ Plastic Injection Molding  and the  Waste and Water Treatment  Industries World Wide .

ARJ ASIA supplies  Test and Measuring Instruments which cover both   Analytical and Indicating Instruments, Instrumentation & Control Systems and Environmental Test Systems  to the above mentioned industrial sectors.

ARJ ASIA is a Contract Manufacturer  and a leading supplier of Electronic Control Circuits and Modules  and specialty Hall Effect Speed  Sensors , Embedded Systems, LED Based Aviation Obstruction Lamps and LED Based Lamps and has been supporting these requirements for several clients world wide.

ARJ ASIA  performs Fabrication of High Pressure Vessels & Chillers, Pasteurizers, Agitators, Ovens   for Dairy and Industrial  use, Water Jacketed Ovens, Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Dust Chambers, Tyre Fatigue Test Systems and Ozone Test Chambers for Automotive and Rubber Industries. We have also designed  and developed cost effective Nitrogen Gas Generator, Oxygen Gas Generators, Ammonia Cracking Units for the Process Industry . A complete Milk Treating Plant can also be Engineered , and supplied by us .

ARJ ASIA is also a leading exporter of Automotive Components  to the US & UK  and has it own direct active presence in Detroit Michigan USA and Wembley Middlesex UK  and caters to the Tier 1,2,3, suppliers  of GM ,Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, International Truck, CNH UK. Please visit www.arjautomotive.com  for details regarding the Automotive Products supplied by us. 


Over the period of the past few  years ARJ ASIA has grown steadily and has been doubling its Sales Turnover every year . There has been a consolidation of  the different business portfolios and now we  have  more defined business structures which are  moved  into separate companies  enlisted below .


Performs Installation and Commissioning , Service and Repair as well as Design and Developmental Research in the  areas of  Circuit Design and  Development for New Products as well as Firmware and Microprocessor based customized applications and for Embedded Systems.

This company also provides Services in the areas of Software's for  Design , Simulation and Analysis of Chemical Processes .


Supplies  High Performance Computing Systems (Cluster Management Systems) which are INTEL Based and can run on Linux with Windows Compatibility .Collateral Technologies also supplies  High Speed Data Communication Systems and Implements VOIP Platforms integration with US based Servers  .

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Mr. Jitendra Date
An Electronics Engineer with Post Graduation in Export Management and  with an extensive experience in Foreign Trade and International Business. ARJ ASIA was Founded by Mr. Jitendra Date  in the October of 1998 .Since 1998 ARJ ASIA has been creating niche business opportunities  in India, US and UK and is continuously improving its Global Presence  . ARJ ASIA has won the following Recognitions and Registrations  from the US  and Indian Industry .



ARJ  ASIA has been sponsoring   Events in the field of Engineering and Technology  and has  sponsored the following events partly or as a token sponsorships
which include :  

        a) Polymer Engineering Event : MIT College of Engineering Pune
        b) D Fusion  2006 --VIT College of Engineering Pune   
ARJ  ASIA  has sponsored three   projects for  Design, Development and Manufacturing  through their Sister  Company ARJ GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES  these are